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Pediatric Fever Treatment in Vintage Park & Magnolia, TX

Pediatric Fever Treatment Vintage Park & Magnolia TX

At Medella Urgent Care, we understand that it can be worrisome when your little one isn’t feeling well, especially if he or she has a fever. You might be wondering whether you should seek pediatric fever treatment. The team of experienced and friendly medical professionals at our clinics in Vintage Park and Magnolia, Texas, is here for both of you. Here is some information to help ease your concerns:

Why Does Your Child Have a Fever?

A mild-to-moderate fever is usually not a cause for alarm. Actually, it can be a positive sign. Most likely, your child’s fever is an indication that his or her immune system is doing its job, working hard to fight off an infection such as the common cold or flu. Many viruses and bacteria can thrive at a normal body temperature, which is somewhere around 98.6°F. By slightly elevating your child’s temperature, his or her immune system is making it more difficult for harmful invaders to survive.

When to Seek Pediatric Fever Treatment for Your Child

Most of the time, pediatric fever treatment can take place at home. Your child will likely feel very tired as the fever runs its course. After all, it takes a significant amount of energy to battle an infection. Encourage your child to rest and drink plenty of fluids, which can help replenish any water and electrolytes lost through sweating. The fever should break within a few hours.

With that said, you should seek professional pediatric fever treatment if:

  • Your child is older than six months and his or her fever exceeds 102°F
  • Your child is between three and six months old and his or her fever exceeds 101°F
  • Your child is under three months old and his or her fever exceeds 100°F

In addition to the reading on the thermometer, pay close attention to how your child is acting. Many experts agree that if a child has a fever but is acting normally and drinking fluids, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Could Your Child’s Fever Be an Emergency?

In general, you should take your child to the nearest hospital emergency room for pediatric fever treatment if his or her body temperature exceeds 105°F or if the fever is accompanied by a stiff neck and headache, shortness of breath, a widespread rash, extreme lethargy, or difficulty swallowing.

Remember: If you are ever in doubt, you can bring your child to Medella Urgent Care in Vintage Park or Magnolia, TX. We can explore the cause of the fever and recommend appropriate pediatric fever treatment to help him or her feel better as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Medella Urgent Care today.