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broken bone treatment - Spring, Champion Forest & Vintage Park, TX

Fractures, Sprains & Muscle Tears

If you think you may have broken (fractured) a bone, sprained a joint, or torn a muscle, it’s important that you seek medical attention so that you get proper treatment.

Recognizing a Fractured Bone

It can be difficult to determine whether an injury is a fracture, sprain, or muscle tear.

Common Signs of a Fractured Bone Include:

  • Pain in an area which increases when applying pressure
  • Bruising or swelling
  • Disfigurement of the affected area
  • Protruding bone from the surface of the skin

Treatment For Broken Bones, Sprains & Muscle Tears

It’s essential that you get the care you need quickly, whether the injury is a fracture, sprain, or torn muscle. Leaving a broken bone or sprain untreated can cause more pain and damage to that area of the body. The doctors and clinicians of Medella Urgent Care will be able to evaluate your injury, order x-rays if necessary to be performed in-house and read within minutes, and provide treatment… with little to no wait time!

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