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We Offer Mobile COVID-19 Testing for Businesses in Champion Forest, TX

Female medical provider collecting a mucus sample for a COVID-19 test

At Medella Urgent Care, we recognize the growing demand for convenient and reliable coronavirus testing services, especially among employers who want to ensure that their workforce is as safe, healthy, and productive as possible. But there’s no need for your busy employees to take time off from work and travel to a diagnostic center to be tested. That’s because Medella Urgent Care will come to your place of business in the Champion Forest, Texas, area and test your employees for COVID-19 on site. In addition to our full slate of occupational health services, we’re pleased to offer mobile COVID-19 testing for area businesses that have more than 20 employees.

Medella Urgent Care offers the following mobile COVID-19 tests administered by licensed medical professionals in a compliant health care setting:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing for an Active COVID-19 Infection

Currently the most sensitive test for detecting an active COVID-19 infection, a PCR test may be recommended for an employee who has coronavirus symptoms, such as a low-grade fever or dry cough, or was recently in close contact with an infected person. Using a special swab, a provider will collect a small amount of mucus from the employee’s nose or throat, which will then be evaluated in a lab. Usually, the results of a PCR test are available within 24 to 36 hours.

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing for an Active Infection

The COVID-19 antigen test is often referred to as a “rapid test” because it provides quicker results than a PCR test. From the patient’s point of view, the testing process is the same, but the results of an antigen test are typically available within minutes as opposed to days. While a positive result is most likely accurate, a negative result should be followed up with a more sensitive PCR test (as compared to a PCR test, a rapid antigen test is more likely to produce a false negative result).

COVID-19 Antibody Testing for a Prior Infection

COVID-19 antibody testing involves a blood test to check for antibodies to the coronavirus, which are not detectable until at least several days after infection. An antibody test cannot detect an active COVID-19 infection, but it can detect an infection that occurred at some point in the past. A positive result may suggest some level of protection against reinfection.

If you own or manage a “high-density” place of business where your employees work in close proximity to each other, why not take advantage of our innovative mobile COVID-19 testing services? In addition to preventing a disruptive and costly COVID-19 outbreak at your workplace, you will also provide your employees with valuable peace of mind.

For more information about COVID-19 testing for businesses in Champion Forest, TX, contact Medella Urgent Care today. We also provide other mobile occupational health services—such as employment physicals, DOT physicals, drug screening, tuberculosis testing, and other lab tests—on request.