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Where to Get COVID-19 Testing Near Champion Forest, TX

COVID-19 Testing Champion Forest TX

If you’re in Champion Forest, Texas, and you think you might have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, you can receive the prompt and accurate COVID-19 testing services you need from the experienced team at Medella Urgent Care.

We Are Committed to Your Safety

The novel coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that spreads mainly from person to person. When you receive a COVID-19 test at Medella Urgent Care, we will explain the safety protocols we have in place to protect our patients and staff. This is especially important because as we respond to our community’s critical need for COVID-19 testing, we remain committed to being here for patients who need urgent care for other non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries as well.

What Type of Coronavirus Testing Do You Need?

Medella Urgent Care offers two main types of COVID-19 testing:

Nasal Swab Sampling

A COVID-19 genetic or rapid antigen test can detect an active infection. This will likely be the best option for you if you recently had close contact with someone who was infected with the virus or if you’re experiencing symptoms, such as a mild fever or persistent cough. Keep in mind, though, that COVID-19 symptoms can vary widely, and some people who are infected never become ill—but they can still spread the virus. For this reason, even if you feel fine, you may want to receive a COVID-19 test to find out whether you are infected. If so, you should immediately self-quarantine to avoid infecting others.

Antibody Serum Testing

A COVID-19 antibody test involves taking a small blood sample, which is then analyzed in a lab for certain antibodies that would have been produced by your immune system if you were previously infected. While COVID-19 antibodies may provide some level of protection against reinfection, the extent and duration of the protective effect remain unclear.

At Medella Urgent Care, you can receive one or both types of COVID-19 testing. Either way, you can feel confident that you have entrusted your health to highly trained medical professionals.

For more information about our COVID-19 testing or the other urgent care services we offer to residents of and visitors to Champion Forest, TX, contact Medella Urgent Care today. We accept many health insurance plans and forms of payment.