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How On-Site Blood Testing Helps Walk-In Patients at Our Urgent Care Locations in Magnolia & Vintage Park, TX

Close up of arms holding blood test tube and making notes. Woman in lab coat and wearing glovesis sitting at table in labThe highly qualified medical practitioners at Medella Urgent Care can tell a lot about a patient’s health during a consultation and physical exam, but lab testing has become a routine part of patient visits to modern medical clinics. This is because the results of urine and blood testing can reveal how well the body is functioning in ways that aren’t apparent without lab analysis. For patients, though, it’s not always convenient to get testing done at a standalone lab before visiting a doctor. What’s more, if patients are seeking same-day treatment for an illness that has cropped up, they typically don’t want to wait days to get tested before receiving a diagnosis and treatment plan that can help them feel better.

That’s why Medella Urgent Care is equipped with an in-house lab that helps our medical team deliver accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for a wide variety of common illnesses. In many cases, we can provide blood testing with same-day results to walk-in patients at our urgent care locations in Magnolia and Vintage Park, Texas.

Types of Blood Testing Available at Medella Urgent Care

Our in-house lab allows us to provide speedy blood testing results not only to diagnose ailments but also as part of our wellness and occupational health services. Some of the blood tests we offer include:

  • Basic metabolic panel
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Complete blood count differential testing
  • Finger-stick glucose testing
  • STD testing

In addition to blood testing, Medella Urgent Care offers urinalysis as well as nasal and throat swab testing that can help identify viral and bacterial infections.

Why Seek Blood Testing Services at Our Urgent Care Clinics?

Medella Urgent Care treats walk-in patients of all ages—from infants to seniors—and we’re open during extended hours every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. We don’t require appointments, plus we offer affordable rates and accept many health insurance plans.

If you’d like to learn more about the blood testing and other in-house lab services available at Medella Urgent Care’s Magnolia and Vintage Park locations, contact us today.