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Workers’ Compensation Injury Care in Magnolia, TX & the Vintage Park Community

Workers' Compensation Magnolia & Houston TXDo you have a non-life-threatening workplace injury that might be covered by workers’ compensation? It’s important to seek medical attention from a qualified provider right away. Medella Urgent Care offers workers’ compensation injury care—both on a walk-in basis and by appointment—in Magnolia, Texas, and the Vintage Park area. Getting timely and appropriate care is important, not only for your health and recovery, but also for maximizing your workers’ compensation benefits and ensuring that you will be properly compensated for your injuries.

The Care You Need When You Need It Most

Each of our Houston-area clinics is equipped with digital X-ray technology and a clinical lab, allowing us to expedite your diagnosis, streamline your experience, and begin your treatment as quickly as possible. For treating workers’ compensation injuries, we offer many services on site, including:

  • Suturing wounds
  • Splinting and stabilizing fractures
  • Removing foreign bodies from the eyes, ears, and skin
  • Draining abscesses
  • Infusing IV hydration therapy for fluid replenishment

When you turn to Medella Urgent Care, you will work with a provider who is both experienced and articulate. This is important because your workers’ compensation doctor will have an essential role in your case. In addition to making decisions about your diagnosis and treatment, your doctor will need to write reports (and possibly provide testimony) that will affect when you can return to work and the workers’ compensation benefits you will receive.

If you were injured at work, time is of the essence. Contact Medella Urgent Care or visit our clinic in Magnolia, TX, or Vintage Park. The workers’ compensation process can be stressful and confusing, but we’re here to help you navigate it with confidence. Your well-being is our top priority, and we’ll take the time to answer your questions and provide instructions during each phase of your recovery.