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Pre-Employment Physicals Performed on a Walk-In Basis in Magnolia & Vintage Park, TX

Pre-Employment Physicals Magnolia & Vintage Park TX

As part of the onboarding process, many employers require job candidates to undergo a pre-employment physical. The purpose is to learn about the prospective employee’s overall health status and make sure that he or she is physically capable of performing the required job duties before extending an offer. As such, pre-employment physicals can increase safety in the workplace.

A trusted urgent care provider serving the greater Houston area, Medella Urgent Care offers a full slate of occupational health services, including pre-employment physicals and DOT physicals. For the convenience of our patients, we perform physical exams on a walk-in basis at our two conveniently located clinics in Magnolia and Vintage Park, Texas.

What to Expect During a Pre-Employment Physical

To assess the general health of a job applicant, a provider at Medella Urgent Care will:

  • Complete a medical history review
  • Perform a physical examination
  • Check vital signs, including height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Test hearing and vision
  • Screen for drug use
  • Review immunizations and suggest updates if needed

Pre-employment physicals can also be customized based on the specific duties, work environment, and potential hazards of a particular position. For instance, our team can perform specialized testing, such as evaluating pull and grip strength, if a job requires frequent heavy lifting.

Make Hiring Decisions With Confidence

After completing your job applicant’s pre-employment physical, we will provide you with a detailed health assessment as well as a fitness-for-duty recommendation. You can use our report to inform your hiring decision and/or make reasonable accommodations for any noted disabilities or health issues.

The experienced team at Medella Urgent Care is available every day to perform pre-employment physicals on your schedule—appointments are welcome but never required! Contact us or stop by our urgent care center in Magnolia or Vintage Park, TX, today.