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A Reliable Source for Drug Testing Services for Employers in Tomball, TX

Medical professional in scrubs holds empty urine specimen bottle and clipboardDrug testing has become a routine part of workplace safety programs, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a health care partner that offers affordable rates, prompt and consistent reporting, and convenience for employees and prospective new hires. Other than pre-employment interviews, the drug screening process is likely to be the first step new employees will encounter in joining your staff. So you’ll want to refer them to a health care provider that offers convenient, friendly, and highly skilled drug testing that leaves a good first impression on your new team member.

For those in the Tomball, Texas, area, that provider is Medella Urgent Care. Our walk-in clinic in Vintage Park offers drug testing and other occupational health services, and it’s only a short drive away from Tomball. We have an on-site lab, and we’re open during extended hours daily, including weekends. Our wait times are short, and we don’t require appointments, but patients can use our online check-in service to book a time slot if they wish.

Drug Testing Services at Medella Urgent Care

Our walk-in clinic offers 12-panel urine drug testing that screens for the presence of opiates, amphetamines, marijuana (THC), cocaine, phencyclidine, and other substances that could raise concerns about a person’s ability to perform her or his work-related duties.

We also offer pre-employment physicals, tuberculosis testing, hepatitis B and C testing, and other medical services that help employers ensure on-the-job health and safety. Additionally, we offer workers’ compensation diagnoses and treatment plans.

Contact Medella Urgent Care today if you have questions about our drug testing and other job-related health care services available to those in the Tomball area.