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A Convenient Source for Tuberculosis Testing for Those in Tomball, TX

Close-up of medical professional with stethoscope around neck and wearing a face mask, holding a tube of blood up for inspection with left hand and making notes with her right handTuberculosis is a contagious respiratory disease that can lead to serious complications and even death for some people. That’s why many employers require workers to get tuberculosis (TB) tests, either periodically or as a prerequisite for employment. Fortunately, there’s a quick and simple blood test designed to detect the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. And, if you’re located in Tomball, Texas, you won’t have to travel far to find a walk-in clinic offering this test: Medella Urgent Care in Vintage Park.

We’re open during extended hours daily, including weekends, and we don’t require appointments for our occupational health services, including TB testing. However, you can book an appointment using our convenient online service if you wish.

Benefits of Getting a TB Test at Medella Urgent Care

The highly qualified medical practitioners at Medella Urgent Care are pleased to offer QuantiFERON TB testing, an advanced testing method that offers many advantages over TB skin testing, which was once the standard test for tuberculosis. When you turn to us for your TB test, one of our friendly and well-trained medical professionals will draw a small blood sample, which will be sent to a lab for processing. The results may be available as soon as the following day. A positive result indicates the presence of a TB infection, and if that happens, we’ll provide you with instructions for what to do next. A positive result does not necessarily mean you are contagious, but follow-up testing and treatment may be required.

Some of the advantages provided by our TB blood testing include:

  • Blood testing requires a single visit to our clinic, whereas TB skin testing requires a first visit for a tuberculin injection, followed by a second visit for medical experts to check the results.
  • QuantiFERON TB test results are considered highly accurate because the sample is analyzed in a lab, while skin testing requires a visual assessment.
  • The results of TB blood testing are not affected by prior TB vaccination, while TB skin testing might be in some cases.

To learn more about the TB testing and other nonemergency health care services we offer to residents of the Tomball area, contact Medella Urgent Care today.